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Hawaii Workshop

September 30, 2019
October 3, 2019

About the workshop:

Adventure Style Workshop located on the north shore of Oahu. This Hawaiian adventure is about so much more than just photography education. This is a true workshop all about adventure, connection and seeing the world together.

In addition to TWO half days of education, this is live action, on the go interactive workshop for the adventurous at heart. There will be daily activities as a group in addition to beach downtime, live shooting, styled shoots, and more.

Gone are the days of attending an event, filling your pages with notes you intend on taking action on later, getting home and never looking at them again. With the Hawaii workshop we are changing that up! Our classroom is designed for you to take action NOW. After the lectures you'll have time to lay on the beach, sip drinks poolside, or hike the beautiful Hawaiian mountains and get your homework done before you go home. We full expect you to leave with your foundation in place, ready to hit those goal without being overwhelmed with all the tasks you'd need to do on your own.

Classes on:

Goal Sessing in a New Way

Scheduling to Match your Goals and Financial Needs

Automating your Workflow

Branding Color Theory and Image Placement

Narrative: Your Story, Your Copywritting Made Clear

Finance and Pricing Strategy and How to Pay Yourself

Client Experience and Templates Written Out

Customized Marketing Map

SEO and Pinterest

Includes: New Headshots and Content Creation


$1000 No Room: Two Days of Classroom Time only Passes

$1850 No Room: Full Workshop Experience with Styled Shoots

$2595 Single Bed {2 to a room}, Full Workshop Experience with Styled Shoots

$3500 Own Room, Vip Workshop Experience

*Options Available for Tickets with no lodging. All tickets that do NOT include a room, please pay deposit as normal and email us to adjust your contract.

Payment Details:

Your deposit of $750 will secure your spot. This is a more intimate workshop and limited tickets will be sold to keep things easy to manage. If you pay in full for any of the full experience tickets you'll receive $100 off your total. Anyone choosing a payment plan will need to have workshop paid in full no later than 60 days prior to the workshop.

$750 Non Refundable Deposit

Deposits and Payments are non refundable. Transferable Only. A fee of $75 will be charged for any transfers required.

What's Included in Full Experience:

4 Days, 3 Nights Accommodations

1 Adventure Style Couple Shoot

1 Elopement Style Shoot

Daily Breakfast 

Daily Group Dinner

{Images Taken from Feb 2019 Workshop Attendees} 

Daily Activities Options: 

Paddle Boarding / Surfing


Turtle Watching


Beach Time

*Group Activities finalized and announced 30 days prior. We will NOT be doing all of these, but activities like these on your downtime.

Whats not included:

Airfare to and from Oahu. You are responsible for booking your own airfare. However, once booked, we will provide details on cheap airfare options to help you coordinate as a group.

Daily Lunch is NOT included, and here's why... we will be traveling the island, exploring, shooting, and taking downtime for homework, and will be allowing everyone the ability to chose their own lunch meals during this time. Food trucks are an amazing feature on the island and cash only. Its much too hard to dictate that many meals at 20+ food options. However, group dinners to full pass holders will be provided, and we do hope we will all choose to eat together during these times anyway as a group.

Other Information:

Attendees are welcome to arrive anytime on Sept 30th, with check in being 3pm. However you can can check your bag at valet and utilize the facilities if you arrive earlier.

Check out will be 11am on Oct 3rd, following a farewell breakfast for full pass holders.

Mock Schedule: 

{Not Final Schedule, Just to Give you an idea of the format} 

Sept 30: Arrival, Settle In, Group Dinner

Oct 1: Education Day, Styled Shoot, Activities

Oct 2: Education Day: Styled Shoot, Activities

Oct 3rd: Group Breakfast, Goodbyes


*We reserve the right to alter, cancel or change the workshop if needed. This is certainly not likely, but legally we are required to let you know.
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Jamie Findlay

Founder and Evolve CEO Jamie Findlay. Click to See More.

Kortni Ellett

Co- Founder of Evolve Kortni Ellett. Click to See More .

Morgan Olsen

In Frames Photography, Morgan Olsen. Click to See More.

''Community was the reason and the result. I decided to join along on a workshop with 'Evolve' to seek out community amongst like minded creatives because quite frankly I was in a creative rut and needed desperately for someone to chat with who gets it, you know?! I wanted a space where I could create, ask and converse. And, those days spent in Hawaii did that and more. I was in desperate need of inspiration and supportive coaching as I felt I did not know where to even begin with my business. Jamie and Kortni not only brought a powerhouse amount of resources to each moment of the workshop but were constantly welcoming in us asking the 'who, what, where and how?!' about basically anything and everything. It was so humbling to sit amongst all those girls and really see the 'community over competition' idea happen. The moments spent behind the camera getting to create amazing images for my portfolio or listening to all the helpful information provided by all involved, the workshop was by far the best decision I made to jump start my business. If you are considering attending an 'Evolve Workshop' let this be your supportive push in the right direction, do it! Do it not only for your overall business and creative needs but for the part of you that needs friends who have been where you are or are going through the same part you are in, and will cheer alongside you as you create fantastic work. Thank you to the girls behind 'Evolve Workshops' for building this wonderful space for each and every creative business maker to find their community.''

Emily Amos

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