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Dijon France

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Dijon France

June 13, 2019
June 15, 2019


Awe the magic of France. For anyone who's ever seen a Woody Allen film you dream of visiting there and experiencing the romance of the country yourself.

France holds a charm and allure beyond other European cities. The Countryside is even beautiful in the rain.

Picture walking through these magical cobblestones streets taking in the architectural masterpieces that mesmerize you. The boulevards, the parks, the aristocratic elegance taking your breath away as you try and take it all in.

Picture the artistic dream, a photographers fantasy... a writers inspiration sparking something in you you didn't even know was missing. Feel your heart start to feel enlightened as you feel your heart desires come alive and draw you into a higher way of seeing things.

Enjoy eating your weight in croissants, chocolates, candies, fruit pate, marzipan, chestnuts and a never ending array of fresh pastaries.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in another culture, meet new friends, connect, and create content that others will swoon over? Are you ready to fall in love with France?

Our Destination Retreats are more than just a workshop. Its an all inclusive experience guaranteeing you the best time and the least amount of stress. We want you to sit back, relax and truly enjoy another culture the way it was meant to be experienced.  


This is a women’s only retreat, made for adventure, connection, authenticity and vunerability. You do not have to be a photographer to attend! This is for anyone with an adventure in their heart and a willingness to connect, enjoy, and learn with other like minded individuals. Husbands or significant others are welcome to share your room if you purchase the own room option, they just will not be allowed to attend class. Classes are just for women, but they are welcome to site see if you'd like with the group.


This about experiencing the culture, and really enjoying the culture of France.

Paris/Burgundy is the capital of romance and high end weddings. We are focusing our time in France on creating stellar high end content to help you build the high price point portfolio of your dreams. We will focus on how to scale into high end weddings, as well as connecting with planners, designers etc to build that clientele list, focus on posing, lighting and business creation. Class time will be catered around the needs of the attendees. We will take you on a photography journey that fills your soul, and education that fills your heart.

Attendees will arrive on the day of June 12th and have plenty of time to relax, unpack and catch up on some sleep after some incoming jet lag. A group dinner will be provided as well as some in town shopping that evening.

Classes and styled shoots will begin on June 13th and go through noon on June 14th.  


$3500 All Inclusive Ticket : Shared Room { 2 To a Room, Own Bed} 

$5000 All Inclusive Ticket: Own Room

$1000 retainer reserves your spot for the Workshop.

You can divide payments up into monthly installments or 3 payments broken up every 3 months to be paid in full 60 days prior.

Deposits and Payments are non refundable. Transferable Only. A fee of $75 will be charged for any transfers required. (if you choose to sell your ticket. You are required to make the final payments and are responsible for selling your own ticket.) Payments must be caught up and cannot be delinquent if trying to sell ticket.

A $50 late payment fee will be applied if payments are not made on time.


2 Days/ 2 Nights Stay in a Private Chateau outside of Burgundy France.

All Meals

Transportation Provided during the length of the Workshop

Group Activities

Speaker Education

3 High End Fully Styled Shoots, Including One Full Wedding Spread with High End Wedding Planners and Designers.


Airfare to France

Transportation from Airport to Chateau

Any activities outside the planned schedule or during downtimes.

Discounted Air travel tips will be provided with purchase, and we are happy to coordinate group transport as well.

Average Temperature in France in June is approx 72 degrees F. Sunrise is 530 am, Sunset is 945 pm daily .


12th: Welcome Event/ Dinner

13th: Full Wedding Spread Shoot, Education and Styled Engagement

14th: Sunrise Shoot, Q & A Sessions, Goodbye Breakfast

*We reserve the right to alter, cancel or change the workshop if needed. This is certainly not likely, but legally we are required to let you know.
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''Community was the reason and the result. I decided to join along on a workshop with 'Evolve' to seek out community amongst like minded creatives because quite frankly I was in a creative rut and needed desperately for someone to chat with who gets it, you know?! I wanted a space where I could create, ask and converse. And, those days spent in Hawaii did that and more. I was in desperate need of inspiration and supportive coaching as I felt I did not know where to even begin with my business. Jamie and Kortni not only brought a powerhouse amount of resources to each moment of the workshop but were constantly welcoming in us asking the 'who, what, where and how?!' about basically anything and everything. It was so humbling to sit amongst all those girls and really see the 'community over competition' idea happen. The moments spent behind the camera getting to create amazing images for my portfolio or listening to all the helpful information provided by all involved, the workshop was by far the best decision I made to jump start my business. If you are considering attending an 'Evolve Workshop' let this be your supportive push in the right direction, do it! Do it not only for your overall business and creative needs but for the part of you that needs friends who have been where you are or are going through the same part you are in, and will cheer alongside you as you create fantastic work. Thank you to the girls behind 'Evolve Workshops' for building this wonderful space for each and every creative business maker to find their community.''

Emily Amos

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