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November 2, 2018

One Day Workshop with Nhiyha Kaye Photo Hosted in Superstition Mountains {Phoenix/Mesa}

About the workshop:

Do you, like every other photographer, dream of shooting beautiful weddings all year round in warm weather climates but just need the content? Are you itching to shoot somewhere sunny and desert themed this winter, all while giving your business the jump start you need to roll into 2019 with guns blazing?! Join us for this one day workshop in dreamy Arizona with Evolve Founders Jamie Findlay, and Kortni Ellett, along with guest speaker Rebecca Johnson of Nhiyha Kay Photo. We will be jam packing 24 hours with fully styled shoots in the beautiful landscape and superstitions, as well as taking you through some detailed business strategies that will help you take your business to the next level. Small class event. Only 15 attendees MAX.

We plan on having a Fun Photographers Evening Out Event where we will go to dinner and hang out and get to know each other a little more after the event is over. (dinner not payed for by @evolveworkshops)



Payment Details:

$500 Non Refundable Deposit

Final Payment of $300 is due around or no later than 60 days after initial deposit.

Deposits and Payments are non refundable. Transferable Only. A fee of $50 will be charged for any transfers required.

What's Included:

2 Fully Styled shoots with amazing vendors.

Live Teaching Sessions on Posing, interacting with clients and utilizing different types of light.

Full Day of classroom styled sessions

Breakfast and Lunch provided for the day.

{Couple and Elopement/ Wedding Inspired Shoots}


Rebecca Johnson:

How to create an Authentic, Personal, Sustainable Brand that attracts your most desired client. 

I am going to teach the things you need to do to create a brand that is unique to you at your core, attracts the people you desire most to work with and appreciate you, and what questions you need to ask yourself to get there. Once you have these answers, you will no longer have to look at other peoples businesses for anything. When you create your own unique and authentic statement, the core of your "Why", it will answer any question, drive all your business decisions, help you write blogs posts, create client experiences, and know how to be present on social media. You will be running YOUR business instead of your business running you!We will also be going over editing, I will be selling my presets at a discount to all who attend and I will edit with them live.

Kortni Ellett:

Acheiving Wellness and Balance through Systems

Do you ever feel overwhelmed in your business? Do you feel like quitting sometimes because of the overwhelming pressure of doing it all? Do you feel like everyone else has the answers but you just can't seem to find a balance in your life or your business? Instuctor Kortni Ellett has been there too. She is here to give you a step by step practice that changed the way she ran her business and finally brought her the balance she had been desiring so much. This is a detailed course going over not only personal wellness but the systems and practices that are out there and available to you as a business owner to make things easier. A must for every photographer, new and old. 

Jamie Findlay 

Money Mindset, Pricing and Authentic Marketing

Too many people go through life with finacial emotional baggage. Did you know your finaces are directly related to your emotions and the blockages that surround you and your abilty to grow. Jamie is here to teach you how to overcome those finacial blocks and how your finacial mindset affects your pricing strategy as well. As a multiple 6 figure earner Jamie has learned where to go from the bottom up and wants to teach you how to do the same in way less time. Authetic Marketing Strategy comes in only after we have established the base of finacial earning potetial. She will take you through step by step marketing techniques and help you access which direction is best for your own personal growth plan. This course is great for beginners to grasp the basics but created for the more advanced in need of upleving thier business, so bring a notebook and prepare for writers cramp. 

Live Shoots: Posing and Prompt.

We will be learning how to direct movement and guide emotion as we pose our couples and help them create natural movement and memories during our sessions. We'll be talking about how to create an environment of creativity with our couples, how to gain their trust, and how I avoid getting brain farts during shoots with posing. We will also talk about how posing starts way before we even get to the session and how to put our clients at ease. We will also be going over utilizing light, both golden hour and blue hour light and how we can enhance our client's stories by using that light in unique ways. 

Whats not included:

Fun Photographers Evening Out Event/Group Dinner 

Flight into Phoenix/Mesa area


*We reserve the right to alter, cancel or change the workshop if needed. This is certainly not likely, but legally we are required to let you know.
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Jamie Findlay

Jamie is a published International Wedding and Portrait photographer, specializing in Weddings and Fashion Portraiture. Shes also a beach bum, puppy horder and mom to 4 wild things. Originally from the west coast, she loves to travel the world documenting love stories and capturing images that will evoke genuine emotions for generations to come. Her mix of emotion based and editorial style imagery has drawn clients from around the world to her unique style. But her passion for photography extends beyond the lens, and into mentoring other photographers as well. As a business owner for the past decade she brings to the table not only classical education, but a whole lot of hard knocks knowledge too, helping entrepreneurs of all types create 6 figure businesses of their dreams.

Kortni Ellett

I reside in southeastern Idaho with the love of my life and our three beautiful/fun/adventurous children, Aiden and Oakley and sweet little Brexley! If I had it my way, I would be immersed in sunshine all day, every day. My ideal happy place is the beach. Something about the warmth has always held a special place in my heart, which is funny because I am knee deep in snow at least four months out of the year in my neck of the woods! I consider myself free spirited with an eye for capturing the organic emotion of my clients, I absolutely adore couples sessions and weddings for that reason. I consider myself straight forward and very honest person. Meeting new people in new places is what feeds my soul, I feel so fortunate to do what I love and build new and lasting relationships with my clients and fellow photographers in our industry.

Rebecca Johnson

Im Rebecca, the the creator behind Nhiya Kaye Photography. I am a wedding photographer and business mentor based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Personally, I am passionate about deep meaningful connections, good belly laughs, and eye contact. I love getting down to the core of people, authentic, honest to goodness conversations. I love the kind of talks you walk away from and your a little exhausted and a lot exhilarated. The kind of talks that help you feel more faith in humanity because you feel connected to someone. People is where my inspiration, business, and art begins and ends. My life best feels fulfilled when I am capturing people with honesty and creating an environment where people can be authentically themselves. I truly believe that is where you find their natural beauty and create lasting relationships. I am incredibly passionate about helping others find their true purpose in their art and business and creating something that they are inspired by for themselves. I am blessed to call this my career.