Who We Are

“Making a hundred friends is not a miracle. The miracle is to make a single friend who will stand by your side even when hundreds are against you.”

In a few words we are, awkward… Can we use just one, that’s pretty much it, jk … We are also freaking hilarious [at least we think so], huge fans of transparency/authenticity, wanderlusts, moms, and crazy driven individuals with huge bleeding hearts.

Evolve Workshops started over 4 years ago with a simple request by Jamie to Kortni to go out, shoot together, and lay to rest the competitive confusion that existed in our local community. We agreed that outgrowing what no longer nourished us was normal, but that as creatives we all craved that sense of community we didn’t get in an industry where working alone was the norm, and from that Evolve Workshops was born.

Over the years EVOLVE has taken us on an amazing journey of self growth and discovery, starting with styled shoots locally, and expanding over the years into large multi speaker events around the world. But the core value has always remained the same, authenticity and true connection with those around us.

We want you to join us at an event and not only feel like you just got in depth information that will change your financial world, but that you leave knowing you have the two of us in your corner supporting you for life.
We hope you’ll become one of these friends.


J & K

[Founders: Jamie Findlay and Kortni Ellett]