''Community was the reason and the result. I decided to join along on a workshop with 'Evolve' to seek out community amongst like minded creatives because quite frankly I was in a creative rut and needed desperately for someone to chat with who gets it, you know?! I wanted a space where I could create, ask and converse. And, those days spent in Hawaii did that and more. I was in desperate need of inspiration and supportive coaching as I felt I did not know where to even begin with my business. Jamie and Kortni not only brought a powerhouse amount of resources to each moment of the workshop but were constantly welcoming in us asking the 'who, what, where and how?!' about basically anything and everything. It was so humbling to sit amongst all those girls and really see the 'community over competition' idea happen. The moments spent behind the camera getting to create amazing images for my portfolio or listening to all the helpful information provided by all involved, the workshop was by far the best decision I made to jump start my business. If you are considering attending an 'Evolve Workshop' let this be your supportive push in the right direction, do it! Do it not only for your overall business and creative needs but for the part of you that needs friends who have been where you are or are going through the same part you are in, and will cheer alongside you as you create fantastic work. Thank you to the girls behind 'Evolve Workshops' for building this wonderful space for each and every creative business maker to find their community.''

Emily Amos

"It's just like a little family.  It's weird how people can be strangers for one day, and then all of a sudden we're just like really good friends...  It's just kind of fun because we all get so close so fast.  I met some of my very best friends at workshops, and I'm still very close with all the girls I met an Evolve before.  SO I just want to keep coming back for that.  They (Jamie and Kortni) are like the best friends you never knew you needed!  They're the sweetest humans, and every time I see them I'm like 'can you please hug me more and now let me go?  Okay thank you!' But they're just the sweetest people and they just have the best hearts, and they're always thinking about others.  They're just really fun to be around... all of the hilarious and inappropriate things they say makes me love them so much!"

India Earl

"My heart is blown away by Evolve Workshops and everything they have challenged and encouraged me to go after in my business. To all the photographers out there who are feeling stuck or are seeking inspiration, Evolve is the place to be at. Workshops are one of the GREATEST investments you could ever make and Evolve is one of those workshops who will literally turn your whole life upside down and flood you with the some of the most amazing resources you’ll ever receive."

Ivy Christina

"I can't fully express how evolve has changed me for the better already. Before showing up to this workshop, I was in a rut where I honestly had low self-esteem in pretty much all aspects of life. When I sat down with Jamie and Kortni, I felt like I experienced a breakthrough... I really felt like you two saw straight into my soul and helped me come to terms with my struggle, and really encourage me to dig deep and grow. Thank you guys so much -- I don't know if you will ever know how great it felt to be seen. Evolve taught me some things that I wanted to share with you: Evolve taught me to dream without limits. Evolve gave me a family of girls and mentors that were supportive and encouraging; people genuinely interested in teaming up with me. Evolve provided a space to ask questions and open up my heart. This workshop jumpstarted the confidence that I needed to be unapologetic and open to growth. This is just the beginning."

Ariana Washington

"Just because I’m a wedding photographer and I have a dream job doesn’t mean that I’m always dreaming. Sometimes i’m just working. Hard. Sometimes I’m burned out and full of doubts. Joining Evolve workshop looped me back to that dream-like state of mind that gave me the courage to start my business in the first place. It's clear that you really care about making this experience very tailored to each attendee’s needs and put so much heart into what you do. It was an honor to shoot alongside you and Anni Graham, but even more than styled shoots and classroom time, I really enjoyed the collaborative spirit and creative environment of the workshop. I also had so much fun on our day of exploring the island and snapping candids of each other; it was the ultimate photographer's playground! I came home re-inspired, filled with new ideas for my business and clear goals for the upcoming year. Can't wait to do this all over again. Thank you so much - it was truly a gift to be a part of this workshop!"

Kuralay Nurmanova

"Thank you so much, Jamie and Kortni!! Evolve was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. The community of girls was amazing and I feel like I now have a whole new group of friends and photo colleagues for life. I was struggling so much with some really basic technical aspects and feeling stale artistically and after having attended the workshop, I feel re-inspired to take my photos and business to a whole new level. The fact that we could ask ANYTHING for four whole days, almost 24/7 was amazing and totally unreal. Really, I can’t believe I got to just sit next to all of you and just learn, learn, learn! You were all so helpful, encouraging and wiling to share your knowledge with all of us. I truly feel that I found my shooting and editing style at the workshop and I credit 100% of that to Evolve. I cannot wait to attend another workshop! "

Rachel Rodgers

"There are no words to describe what I felt as I partook in this workshop but I’ll give it a go and try to express myself in the same way you all made me feel. You are all so uplifting. I came in broken, lost, and confused. I left feeling empowered, invincible, and focused. I have been applying everything I learned to our business and my own personal branding and I have received a lot of positive feedback. I am no longer self conscious on social media. I now see it as a platform where I can remain close to people like you even though there are a lot of miles between us. Thank you for enabling me to believe in myself, to love myself, and most importantly prioritize authenticity versus just being busy."

Danitza Lloren

"My favorite thing about this workshop...everything!  What we went over as far as how to grow your business and your brand, and how to deliver a really good client experience.  We went over things that I really needed more information on like pricing... was really awesome.  Workflow was also really beneficial and realizing just how feasible how all of this creative pursuing really can be has been really eye opening.  I'm excited to put what I've learned to use when I go home and start really diving into photography and my business...  It definitely opened this whole other avenue of photography that I want to try and work towards."

Amelia Vilona

"I just think my favorite part of Evolve was the fact that everybody is so open to share and help each other.  It was a true community, and you don't find that a lot.  It was a really important and supportive environment - it was amazing!  I have BIG plans for my business.  I got a lot of advice here and the support was huge.  I feel super inspired and motivated to make some changes... not only in how I run my business, but how I run my shoots.  Every aspect of my business will change.  I'm really excited!"

Jed Harrison

"I think meeting Jamie, Kortni and India and being surrounded by a group of creatives who all are wanting to improve and grow and just being in that growth mindset I think has been one of the best things that I've loved.  I'm really excited to get back and start implementing, and have a fresh mind with everything in regards to my business, workflow, and then all the creative side as well.  I haven't picked up just one thing, I've picked up like fifty things to do."

Sophie Thompson

"Just the community of girls has been so amazing.  It's really hard to find people that actually want to support you and actually want to see you do well.  Jamie, Kortni really gave so much of themselves to us this whole weekend.  It's been unreal how much they taught us!  Just the rides in the car, every minute of this trip has been filled with information.  I think yesterday's shoot was amazing and really fun.  Just trying to get in the water and try something totally different.  I have so much stuff I need to work on and I'm so excited to get home and really implement what they taught us.  It was so nice to have it broken down step by step.  And the fact that they're going to follow up with us and see if it actually did work is so cool."

Kaycee Hilvers

"I really loved being able to meet all of the creative ladies that were involved with this and just learning from everyone.  We got to shoot out in these awesome locations... everything about it has just been awesome!  I feel like there's so many things that I learned that I need to implement into my business now.  Pricing, getting more work in destination areas, different things like that... there's just so much that I'm just excited to put into my business."

Kayla Fisher

"I really loved just the community we formed while I was here.  We all became really good friends and there was no drama or cliques, it was just a great environment to be around.  That's what I loved about this probably the most.  Of course the shooting and the learning and stuff was great, but I love the community that we built the best.  It was awesome!  

Being at Evolve really helped me be motivated to help my business grow even more.  I feel like in this industry we never stop growing, and even when you see someone at the 'top' you still know that they're always growing past that.  For me, it's like continuously growing is what motivates me to keep going."

Kortney Peterson

"I think the connections with the other girls have been incredible.  Also meeting all of the leaders... Kortni, Jamie and India... I had all these expectations and the totally blew it out of the water!  They were so chill, so relatable, and I think that was one thing that really surprised me - that I could be one on one with them and feel like we're friends.  I feel like I'm leaving this workshop with SO many tangible things that I need to get done in my business to make it successful.  So I'm glad that I'm leaving with stuff, not just pretty photos.  "

Terra Stodtmeister

"I loved the classroom setting, and I loved shooting with Jamie, Kortni and India.  Seeing India in action was awesome!  You see her pictures and then you see how behind the scenes she's freaking out and saying the most ridiculous things is just really, really cool.  I think being around a bunch of photographers, with this being my first workshop, it was awesome to just talk business and gear and settings with everyone. The lectures really helped me to create a game plan to help me with my pricing and figuring out the business side of things and set goals."

Courtney Bow

"My favorite part of Evolve?  Every part!  First of all, meeting India was amazing.  Jamie and Kortni both put on an amazing workshop.  Between the shoots and the hangouts... we couldn't ask for a better landscape.  And definitely being able to see India behind the scenes is like gold.  My favorite shoot was by far in the water.  Never did I think I would do that, but India made it flawless.  We had perfect models, perfect weather, and trying to put my camera in the water is so crazy but so worth it!"

Robyn Kolk

" If you haven't attended an Evolve Workshop, you need to. NOW. It is a game changer. Not only are you networking, mingling, and creating with other like minded women, but you are also learning from some of the most influential and successful photographers in the industry. After attending the Evolve Workshop in Jackson Hole, my business has completely taken a 180. I've not only grown as a person, but as an entrepreneur. I am pushing myself more as a photographer and artist, and also booking more clients than ever before. Hands down I would recommend attending a workshop! "

Bri Bergman Photography

"Thank you so incredibly much for the fabulous Teton Pines workshop. Shooting in the stunning Teton area was literally a dream come true. And the inspiration and education from so many power house photographers was mind blowing. My business will now become so much more than I could have imagined before my experience with you all. Now, I want to do another workshop! " 

Jocilyn B

"I loved meeting each and every one of the ladies that attended as well as learning from Jamie, Kortni and Rebecca. This workshop really opened up my eyes to some of the things I have to change about my business. The lessons were packed with tons of information to help our business get to the next level and the photo sessions didn't feel like a competition like in other workshops. The mentors welcomed us to pose or prompt the couples as we wished and we also followed along while the instructors taught us how they usually pose their clients. I loved this workshop in beautiful Arizona and I'm so stoked to attend the next one!!"

Zulie Rego

"I had an absolute blast meeting all of the mentors as well as attendees. It was so fun to be surrounded be other creatives who had the same passion as me. I walked away feeling completely inspired and motivated to make my business centered around my clients and capturing their stories. The workshop was so well organized and gave every photographer the opportunity to learn and grow! A constant theme I heard from each of the mentors was the importance of light. I never thought about how much light does affect your artistic approach. Thanks to Haley I cant help but look at my shadow everywhere I go... I love watching how light moves and I feel that I am capable of capturing what I see more clearly now! It has also helped me edit faster now that I know what to do before I even snap the picture. Eden inspired me to focus on telling my clients stories. Often times I would just focus on capturing what I wanted but it often failed to tell their story. Now I am capable of capturing their love for them to remember for ever. India did a fabulous job instructing on how to make your clients comfortable and natural in front of you so you can actually capture their story. All in all I not only walked away with so much knowledge but I made friends that I know will last a lifetime. It was the most educational vacation I have ever taken! "

Ciara Preator

"I’m so incredibly grateful for my experience at Evolve Workshop. To spend the week in one of the most beauty places in the country, to be a part of a community of amazing and encouraging people, and to be poured into and challenged as an individual and business is truly life changing. Jamie and Kortni fostered a space of vulnerability, diverse and honest teaching, and beautiful inspiration. After years of teaching and mentoring others, and thinking I could do it all on my own, I can’t tell you how great the reward has been to finally invest in myself and my business."

Dawn Charles

"Geoff and I attended Evolve Big Sur in August 2018. This was both our first workshop EVER and we were both a little nervous, skeptical, and unsure of what to expect. Looking back on our experience, we were both blown away. The lineup of speakers were some of the very best in the industry. Jamie and Kortni set a stage for the speakers to offer their hearts and knowledge with such rawness and vulnerability. It made for an experience that was so much more than notebooks and power-points. It was a learning environment that was full of depth, conversation, openness, and emotion. We walked away with not only a huge amount of new information that was instantly applicable to improving our business, but gained new connections and friendships that are invaluable to us in the photography community. Since attending the workshop and applying the practices and skills learned, we are booked out through next year, have successfully raised and maintained our raised prices, and put new systems into place that have sped up our workflow thus given us back more of our life. We also gained new techniques for shooting that have elevated our portfolio and taken our work to the next level.

Along with being badass business babes, Jamie and Kortni both have hearts of gold and are two humans we now consider friends. We can't thank them enough for putting together such amazing leaning experience for us in Evolve workshops. Highly recommend Evolve to photographers looking to improve any aspect of their business!!"

Geoff and Lyndsi

"My experience at Evolve Workshops in Big Sur was undeniably one of the best business decisions I have made to date. Not only did I hear from some photographers who are absolutely killing it in the industry, but I received hands-on practice with live shoots from photographers I totally look up to. Jamie and Kortni poured their hearts into this workshop, and it was totally evident through how “at home” I felt. Being around 30 other photographers who are in different stages was inspiring and encouraging. The authenticity and sincerity shown by all of the speakers is what jumpstarted me on my journey to pour more into my business for the sake of my clients and friends. I can’t wait to see how the Evolve team quite literally “evolves.”

Tori Matthews

"Spending a full day around amazing women, authentic couples, and beautiful light. I would call that a very good day. Im grateful for the opportunity to teach and learn as well as be surrounded by so many passionate, beautiful creatives, and bomb ball babes! Thank you Evolve Workshops for having me and just being amazing women and roll models. "

Rebecca Johnson "Nkayphoto"

" The Evolve workshop is unlike any other. Having such renown speakers and teacher alone was amazing. I felt like I could approach any one of them as a friend, mentor, and fellow artist to chat about photography, our love of chocolate chip cookies and Cafe Rio, and even about our dogs. My creative cup left Jackson overflowing and I would definitely attend an Evolve workshop again! "

Bri Bergman

"Attending an Evolve Workshop changed my business for the better. It provided me with the knowledge and skills I needed to jump start my business and further my skills as a photographer. The styled shoots improved my portfolio and helped me gain content to book similar styles in dreamy locations. Jamie and Kortni are dedicated to personally help you succeed. I couldn't have asked for better mentors. I attended a workshop with several presenters that added variety in subjects discussed. I learned that there is not just one right way to do things and having the different options presented helped me choose what best fit my business. This workshop was such an amazing experience at an incredible price!"

Jocilyn Bennett

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys went above + beyond! I thought my business was good before I went + NOW?! Now, I have to re-think my whole business + dive in with an open heart + mind. You guys changed the game. Thank you for opening my eyes to a different side of the business that sometimes slips away. You all are truly amazing at what you do + I was blown away by the love + support that was provided daily. You never let a frown sit on someones face, you were ready with open arms. I have been to workshops before + I would hands down recommend you to someone else.I loved the amount of learning + hands on work we got to do! You didn't just stay on the surface. You put sweat + tears into this! Yes, yes, yes to having another workshop! Maybe next time Iceland? I'm in!"

Jozanna Loewen

"All the speakers were amazing. They were all knowledgeable, personable and so helpful. It was a comfortable experience being around such prominent women in the industry."

Summer Luna

"I had such an amazing time at Evolve Workshops and loved every minute of it! The instructors were all so friendly and open and I learned so much valuable information and skills that would have taken years to figure out on my own. The atmosphere of the workshop was so joyful and positive and I had a really lovely time with everyone!"

Vanessa Renae

"I attended the Evolve Workshop in Teton Pines and it was one of my favorite experiences to date. It changed the way I want to structure my photography business. I just graduated & am so glad that I went to this when I did because now, from the foundation, I can create a branding and a structure (financially & creatively) that is 100% me and is something I am proud of. This workshop equipped me in so many areas, even some that I didn’t realize affected this industry so much. If you are a photographer, no matter if you are just starting out or just wanting to look at your work and see it as a reflection of you that you are proud of, this workshop is a MUST for you. I can’t wait until I can attend another Evolve Workshop in the future!!"

Libby Moore

"I went to the NYC evolve workshop as shooting in a city environment was something outside of my norm and outside of my comfort level.  The environment setup by Jamie & Kortni was supportive and informative.  I've been in this business for a while and I've been to other workshops, I've heard the same basic structure for how to get the clients I'm after, but what I was lacking was the application of these things to my business.  J + K did lots of Q&A sessions as well as a one on one that helped me think about what was blocking me from reaching the level of success I wanted, as well as immediate steps I can take and a plan to start creating that success.  This is something I haven't seen before and is much appreciated :)   The shoots were very open to let attendees grab the shots they wanted, and J + K were open about their settings and there to help with anything we struggled with.  Can't wait for my next adventure with them! "

Lindsey O Sullivan

"Evolve workshops was a huge breath of fresh air! Kortni and Jamie created a environment that cultivated community, skill building and got down to the business of running a photography business. It was really wonderful being around people that wanted you to ask questions so that you could get the most out of your time spent with them. It was packed with loads of value and information that you could hit the ground running with the next day. I’ve already started implementing some of the things they suggested and i’m already noticing a difference. This workshop was definitely worth the investment!"

Regina Jaegar

"The workshop was helpful in many ways. Being supported by women who truly working in the field doing my dream job was so beneficial and encouraging. Jamie and Kortni were both were so supportive and caring. I love how candidly they spoke about business! This workshop was so re-energizing for my business and my confidence. I have so many ideas that I took away and specific actions to take to help me reach my ideal client. Thank you both so much. I’m overjoyed that I was able to be apart of the event."

Samantha Rodgers

Attending Evolve Workshop in Joshua Tree last October was one of the highlights of my year. It was SUCH a fun experience that I attended with one of my best friends and I have nothing but positive things to say. I really appreciated how small and intimate of a group if was because I feel like it really allowed for each of us to get quality one on one attention and personal time with both Instructors. Jamie and Kortni were so amazingly kind, open and approachable and I simply adore them both. I thought the styled shoots were CRAZY good (LIKE REALY REALLY GOOD) and they TOTALLY EXCEEDED my expectations. Jamie’s styling skills of the GORGEOUS models was BEYOND and I died at each one bc they looked SO DANG GOOD. Many of the images I created at Evolve are some of my absolute favorite to date and I honestly feel that they helped me grow as a photographer and grow my brand by helping me create such awesome content for social media and my website. These two ladies are such talented photographers and awesome humans and I cannot wait to attend more in the future. EVOLVE OR BUST!!!

Alyssa Hagan

"Evolve Workshops was the first workshop experience I had ever participated in, and saying I had no idea what to expect would be an understatement! I went in only knowing I loved Jamie and Kortni's work and a hope to glean as much knowledge from them as possible...and maybe meet some awesome other creatives along the way. I got all that and more!

The ease and kindness from both Jamie and Kortni was the perfect start to an amazing weekend! Days full of styled shoots (gorgeous models in abundance), amazing creative women (some of whom I now call friends, and all of which I admire immensely) and to top it off the opportunity to sit down one on one with both of these talented gals and pick their brains. Being able to watch someone you admire in their element on a shoot was priceless. Being able to stand near by them and do your thing, while having the opportunity to literally show them your camera and settings (and vice versa) while you work is THE BEST learning experience I could have had.

If I could do every workshop these ladies hosted I would!

Thank you Evolve Workshops!"

Melinda Roth

"I attended my first Evolve Workshop in Joshua Tree, and let’s be real, I was extremely nervous. Luckily, Kortni and Jamie were amazing hosts and made everyone feel included and welcomed. The workshop was filled with so many talented artists that encouraged each other in such a positive way. It’s so hard to pick the best part from the event because there were seriously so many! Although I would have to say the thing I gained the most from was the one on one business advice. This really helped me get an idea of how to set up my business for success. Everything was so organized yet fun and productive at the same time. I will definitely be recommending this workshop to fellow photographers!"

Ashlee Meldrum