Palm Springs Digital

Palm Springs Digital

This is a digital recording, not a live stream. You can access and watch anytime and everywhere on your own time frame.


We know you are still devastated that you didn't get to join us next week in Palm Springs for our HUGE educational event and networking parties… as are we!

They are covering topics that can literally change your business TODAY.


How to Scale to 6 Figures

How to better your Client Workflow to bring in repeat business

How to Attract, Build, and Convert Leads into real paying clients!

How to Market Yourself in a way that stands out!

How to Price yourself for all seasons and times of year {guess what, it’s not one price change in January}

How to Figure out Your Cost of Doing Business and why that's important to how much you’re making this year!

How to Actually Make Money on Pinterest

How to Change your Branding to Reflect your Brand and MAKE MONEY!

Do you see a theme here? We want you to MAKE MONEY. While some of the educators are only leading shoots or participating in the Q & A/ Break Out Sessions only, however, the digital pass will include 15 main lectures that happened on the main stage in April! 

No, we aren’t kidding. We want you to see what you’re missing, get the educational lectures and then join us next year live. We are doing this through to show you how important this is to us, and to prove to you we CAN DELIVER something you need, want and will change your business forever. 

So, if you want to get the chance to see what we are all about, and get educated by some of the industries top leaders and income earners, click below, snag your pass.


Album Sales and Why You Should Be Selling Them

Sharee Davenport

Blogging for SEO + Pinterest Strategy

I’ll be sharing my streamlined processes for ranking on Google and reaching clients on Pinterest. The best part? It’s free. No more throwing money at advertising and hoping it sticks. You’ll get out what you put in and I am so excited to share that with all of you!

Sam Jacobson

How to Leverage More Sales: Expert Pricing Tactics to Convert Better Business

Pricing can make or break your business - and not in the way that everyone else talks about it. Setting your rates is just the first step on a journey to use pricing to get more bookings. What you do in other areas around pricing is what will set you apart from your comp set. Learn from a sales and pricing expert who’s sold more than $10mm directly to wedding clients.

Key takeaways include: Several advanced pricing strategies, how to create compelling packages, when and how to raise your rates, and what you can do to demonstrate value to prospective clients.

Iggy McDonald

Your CODB Analysis

What is your time worth? Let us break down the theory and application of your actual cost of doing business, and internal rate of return. Iggy will show you how to analyze your expenses of both time and money, and teach you how to ask the right questions to get you on the path to breaking those financial goals! 

Morgan Olsen

In Frames Photography, Morgan Olsen. Click to See More.

Kara Mercer

Your Commercial Photography Journey

The Financial benefit to introducing commercial work into your existing business.

Brooke Davis

Rooted in quiet air, A guide to documenting the human experience

It can be suffocating, to take something that you are deeply passionate about and let the hustle take over. It is imperative we shift our perception of fulfillment and success. If we call ourselves creatives, don’t we need time to breathe , create and exist? Are you arriving to a location and mapping out each and every shot, or are you setting a vibe, mood and tone to let your subject nest into being human. Yes there are poses and starts for every session but the age of check list and styled shoots needs to disappear. In its place leave concepts that are beautiful. We are complicated beings, find inspiration in your human experience and seek out others stories.

Lets leave something soul staining behind.

Become brutally soft.

Kaley Kocinski

Creating Honest Photographs

Lecture/ live shoot all about how to NOT pose your client. Telling a story through composition, fresh perspective, one frame, experimentation, styling, movement and vulnerability.

Jon Taylor Sweet

Understanding my Yes's and my No's.

A journey into building confidence in yourself and the importance of networking and leveling up.

Jordan Zobrist

Driving Commercial Business

How to travel as a commercial photographer, how to obtain new clients, how to network and harness the power of social media to build your brand.

Rodney Brown

Attracting an audience and clients that love YOU.

Focusing on self love, self affirmation, cohesion in your messaging and appearance. Being YOU, and finding your own identity and voice so you can attract the right type of clients.

James and Jess Wittmayer

How to Not Suck as an Entrepreneur

Do you call yourself a creative entrepreneur but feel your in over your head, trying to get some air? Learn how to set up a business that works for you, not one that you work for.

Kaleigh Wiese

How to Build a Strategic Brand.

Learn why people choose you, and the two brand directions you can take to transform your business. What makes a strong brand, polishing your message, implementing your brand consistently, and more.

Monique Serra

Friends vs Clients

Relationships matter. How to create genuine relationships in business. My step by step process to client interaction.

Benjamin Holtrop

Shoot Visionary and Q & A Panelist

Olivia Markle

How I Built a 6 Figure Business in 12 Months.

How I went from never touching a camera to becoming a successful full time photographer in less than 6 months. My step by step process into making the jump into full time, and how I turned it into a 6 figure business in less than 12 months.

D'Arcy Benincosa

How to Become a Marketing Ninja.

10 Marketing Tips that are proven to transform your business.

Jamie Findlay

Founder and Evolve CEO Jamie Findlay. Click to See More.

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