Interview with Morgan Olsen

August 14, 2020

Jamie: “We are almost sold out of your Shoot Pass option for our April 23rd-25th, 2019 Palm Springs Conference!”

Morgan: “I am so stoked, I can’t begin to tell you! I couldn’t breath when you asked me! It’s going to change your life!”

J: “You’re a pretty big deal!”

Kortni: “People booked with you because they know what you can bring!”

Morgan: “I know what I want to do, it will be 10x better than I normally do. It will be a couple with an in home vibe and something you wouldn’t expect.

Some of the other speakers I look up to! Other workshops can turn you off in the beginning because they do big things/so many people.”

K: “So many workshops are not done by photographers!”

Morgan: “Jamie you and I met 5 years ago! At a Workshop!”

“I always loved photography, my Grandpa loved film and I grew up shooting film. Went to school for something different and then I figured out I needed to be a creative. Photography kind of fell into my lap. I started attending workshops and mentorships back then and after a year I was full time. I dropped everything to pursue it. And I never looked back, 5 years later. 

My 2019 goals: Always working towards something, trying to push. Learning what you want is key to business and I feel like if you are comfortable you are stagnate. I want to pursue more education/marketing tools for photographers. I love not being home so I want to travel more with focusing on my target client. Finding brides that understand what I am about. 

My topic for Palm Springs: Backend/Bones of Business, what it takes to run a business. Taxes and workflow are like the soul of your business. Being vulnerable and understanding each other with honest work. I love that there are 20 other instructors and means learning so many ways to run your business. “

J: “Construct education, you are no fluff, a step by step teacher. Teaching you how to change things.”

K: “Attendees will leave know what to do.”

Morgan: “I am going to teach the things I wished I had known. If you are going to invest in me, I am going to invest in you 100%. I will do with you what I do with my clients. No bullshit ways of figuring out what is not working. If you are coming to this workshop it means you want to grow or change.”

J: “No trainer that is coming is on their training wheels. They are established and know what they are doing with multiple strings of income. This is a workshop that is being taught by people that are successful.”

K: “These teachers have struggled like everyone else!”

Morgan: “I know them personally, I have worked with them, taken their photos, they mentor me, I’ve 2nd shot with them. We all know the struggle. Knowing they will help you by speaking from experience, like crying for 3 days trying to do my taxes when I first started! We are all very open, transparent and vulnerable.”

J: “What is your #1 tip for beginners? For those wanting to Up Level?”

Morgan: “I would have loved to hear that it is okay to fail, and that you don’t have to be super established to start out. Run trial and error constantly. I’ve changed my style so many times. Being okay with not being okay. Don’t focus on being like others, focus on the clientele you want to attract.”

“To up level, I don’t do comfortable, doing more as people, finding new income to keep your business alive and even working towards a workshop. Where can you stretch, what is no longer relevant.”

J: “It’s okay for you to be a baby, you can fail. Newbies burn out in 2-3 years. Kortni and I are totally different in our goals and clients. What I need to focus on is where is my client, my soul and trajectory going and doing it right.”

Morgan: “Their soul/client/goals is NOT yours. How can you focus on your business if you are focused on others. Be unapologetically and authentically into your business. Where is my soul and heart going to take me?”

J: “We are all trying for different things.”

K: “If you are always comparing you will get nowhere. I have a family at home so I have a different way of running my business over someone that is single.”

Morgan: “I am unmarried and have dogs and can’t imagine how those with kids do it! We are all coming from somewhere different.”

J: “My number one question I get with those I mentor is ‘How do I travel more?’ It’s hard to travel! Your values have to align with your okays. And it’s okay to not do it how others are doing it.”

Morgan: “It’s fun and hard work to travel. There is work on the backend. But you have to find balance in what you do.”

K: “You have to be true to yourself.”

See more of Morgan at http://www.inframesphotography.com/ and Instagram @inframesphotography