Ryan and Sherri at Our Story Creative


WE ARE A HUSBAND AND WIFE TEAM EQUIPPED WITH A CAMERA AND A PASSPORT IN HAND. WE'RE ON A MISSION TO DOCUMENT AUTHENTIC PERSONALITY AND MAKE COUPLES IN LOVE LAUGH UNTIL THEIR FACES HURT. With work seen on Huffington Post, NBC, CBS LA, Martha Stewart Weddings and more, we strive to elevate cinematography in the wedding and branding world as a way to make unforgettable memories for our clients. We were initially sucked into the world of photography and videography by one simple, selfish desire: to document the life we were building together. Sheri was pursuing a degree in speech pathology while Ryan was working his way toward becoming a physician, and because of the endless hours devoted to studying, classwork and rotations, we realized that our camera had begun gathering dust. So, we came up with a plan. Every weekend, we drove to a different place in Southern California, trusty camera firmly in hand, and we took a short time-lapse clip. After a year, Ryan stitched it all together and released the video: “A Day in California.” It went viral overnight and inspired us to leave our intended career paths and pursue our joint passion together. Today, we are a traveling wedding photography and cinematography duo with six years of experience in creating unique, natural, personality-packed photos and videos. Sheri’s superpower is her ability to walk into any wedding and instantly see how to tell a cohesive story with her camera, and Ryan’s greatest talent lies in directing…and becoming every wedding guest’s BFF ending the night as an honorary groomsman. We live for the beauty that comes from moments of pure, authentic joy, so we put together galleries that truly encapsulate a wedding day, without making couples feel as though they just spent the entire day posing for a camera. When we aren’t trading stories with new clients over coffee or editing away on our latest batch of images, you can catch our tight-knit family of four cozied up for a night in or off on a spontaneous adventure!