Jordan Zobrist


Hey fellow photo-takers. I am a Los Angeles based fashion and commercial photographer. I got into photography in 2011, and haven't looked back since. I feel most alive when I am creating powerful images. To put it simply, photography brings purpose to my life, and that purpose is to create. Every time I pick up a camera, my goal is to create a photograph that uplifts, enlightens, and inspires action. In order to tell a story for my clients, my images are often full of loud colors, loud people, and a lot of light. I do most of my shoots in the great outdoors where I feel most grounded and focused. As a result, my work is inspired by the natural landscapes and environments that surround me. As artists, we can only offer the perspective that is uniquely our own. My hope is that my perspective helps inspire you to find a new side of yourself as other artists have done for me. So looking forward to meeting you at the Evolve Workshop.