Jon Taylor Sweet


I am Wedding, Commercial, and Lifestyle Photographer here in the greater Seattle area! I love life, love coffee, and love to celebrate moments with the finest of people. Married to my beautiful wife Caryn who makes every day a better day! I started taking photos on my iPhone in 2012 using Instagram as the vessel to share my work. After a couple years of shooting on my iPhone a friend gifted me a camera so I could jump into photography as a career. Was truly blessed to have people in my life that believed in me. With Instagram being a perfect platform to connect with people all over the world I began to realize how great the photo community really is. Being inspired to shoot weddings, shoot lifestyle content that provoked creativity, and to be in spaces in the commercial world that are uncomfortable(not a mountain in sight to help create "the bangerz"). In the last few years I have been fortunate enough to be apart of so many couples proposals, weddings, and other engagements. I have been able to shoot album covers for friends which was a brand new experience. I have had the chance to shoot for massive marketing campaigns for companies that I never thought I would have had the chance to work with. More importantly photography has brought life long friendships with everlasting memories that I will be eternally grateful for. Capturing moments is something that I cherish and am so thankful for every opportunity. God is good! All the time!