Brittani and Jon Hon


WHADDUP. We are Brittani + Jon aka The Hons. We've won no awards for our photography, been published only a few times and started a business workshop called Hustle + Flow in 2016 because we make $250k+ a year with wedding photography and want to help others make the same cash doing what they love. While we respect the street credit with household names, we don't let it pave the path for our success - we let the hustle do the talkin' and make the money. We are a no bullshit approach, tough love teachers. No fluff. No coddling. No Excuses. Once the teaching is over, we promise we give genuine hugs afterwards. But what we teach is strategy, real ass talk about hustlin' and what that REALLY means. The ABC's, baby. Back to the basics (that no one ever seems to really talk about??) and how business/making money really works. Attract. Build. Convert $$$.