Workshop Instructor Highlight: Rebecca with Nhiya Kaye Photography

September 11, 2018

Our upcoming Arizona Workshop is in the final stages of planning and we wanted to highlight Rebecca of Nhiya Kaye who is instructing with us at this awesome 1 day event! We recently interviewed her and wanted to share more of her story.

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Rebecca and Jamie met 2 years ago and instantly felt like they kindred spirits. When asked about her business name she said her name (Rebecca Johnson) was too run of mill, so to speak, and already taken and used her daughter's name, Nhiya Kaye. Stemming from her husband's heritage, the name means "light and purpose" in Arabic.

How did you start?

"6 years ago while living in China for 6 months the government stopped all internet and I was unable to communicated with my family. While walking one day I found a man sitting at his house, nothing extraordinary. But I found it to be a story. I wanted to capture and do justice to what I was seeing. From there I found it addicting to "frame" a story.

How did you build a business after moving?

"When we knew where and when we would be moving, I would go down beforehand and do shoots to create content and hashtags in that area to create momentum. Also while I was there I would go to networking events to help make a foundation."

Kortni - "Everyone's goals change year to year and we all need to evaluate each year." Jamie - "Success is different for everyone."

"I'm less busy now but it is good. I know my worth now and I can define the success I want to do. If someone is too busy, no one is taken care of."

Jamie - "As photographers we compare (i.e. "She is busier") but we all have different business strategies."

What inspires you?

"I like to share travel with those I love (not alone) and travel is for other kinds of photographers. You need to ask yourself, 'What do I like to do, what is freeing to me?' 'What makes me happy?' and find the people that fit that."

Kortni - "It's like soul searching for the clients." Jamie - "The hardest thing to say is 'I'm not the person for this' and pass it to someone else."

"As photographers we people please, but we need to define our why and our fulfillment. I would rather be fulfilled than be successful."

"The people! How they interact, their quircks after I say relax and a whole new pose happens without trying. We set up a Facetime beforehand and it's fun to see who tells their story anout dating and the proposal.

I like when they throw caution to the wind, and throw themselves into the moment. Are they slower and softer or faster with more momentum? I try to hone in on their relationship in three words."

Jamie - "Take your time to find what works, even though they sent you a Pinterest board of ideas. Not every couple goes into the same motions as their inspiration."

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